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KnowledgeBase SOLUTIONS


Every company have loads of information. This information is owned and managed by different people. It takes time to find the right person who has specific information. This task becomes more difficult when there are more employees. There are some solutions helping to solve this problem. One of them is Knowledge Base. It is an online platform, designed for sharing information and procedures.

Any FREE Knowledge Base?

One of those tools is QL Knowledge Base. QL Knowledge Base is an inovative HTML5 tool for any company that wants to increase the productivity. You can use it absolutely for FREE!

How does the Knowledge Base works?


Employees (or any other group of people) share their solutions or procedures how to act in different situations. This cooperation creates a solid database. In general it looks like FAQ database.

Any person who gets a new task or situation can search in the database and get an answer in seconds. This Knowledge database can be shared with customers. In a result customers or employees can support theirselves. New employees or employees, working with new tasks, can train themselves without disturbing other people. Information is accessable despite that somebody is on holidays or left a job. It helps to save a lot of time and money.